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Couples Therapy
Couples therapy is a very diverse practice.  Couple's issues and challenges are as individual as the couple that creates the relationship. For this reason, we have segmented couples therapy into the following categories:

Pre-marital Counseling Programs
Pre-marital counseling is a time for discovery and understanding. Whether you are a couple planning a marriage ceremony, or a couple committing to life partnership, pre-marital counseling is a wonderful opportunity to bring more clarity about your partner, the difficulties that may arise, and the life you desire to create together.

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Conflict Resolution
Conflictual couples come into sessions complaining of repetitive flights, lack of understanding or intimacy, and feeling un-heard and misunderstood. Couples that have fought their way in this direction are left with high emotions and a head full of questions, but usually seem pretty clear that although separation has been threatened they still want things to work out. Conflict resolution, anger management, and personal responsibly may be discussed and modified. 

Couples Work
We also see couples that desire to do things a bit better or a bit differently. These are couples that are doing preventive work to strengthen the relationship before troubles become too large and overwhelming. This type of counseling may also include the couple that wants to increase intimacy or openness, the couple that would like to understand the repetitive positions that they take in relationships (such as a care-giver),  the couple that is re-defining their roles (such as parenthood), or the couple in a period of transition and change.

Mediation in therapy often occurs after a decision to separate has been made. We believe that these are difficult and straining times and the support found in counseling sessions is not only beneficial but often needed.  We find mediation especially useful when the separating couple has children who are affected by their decision making processes.  Mediation brings both parental and children’s interests into the conversation so that better decisions can be made for the entire family, not for the sake of revenge or resentment.


Continuing a relationship after an affair is a difficult period for the couple. Feelings of anger, betrayal, hurt, and sadness are often present and extreme.  The couple may struggle with the decision to continue the relationship or to simply have it end.  Therapy will focus on both short and long term goals around anger reduction, information sharing, setting new boundaries, addressing the history and details of the affair, responsibility, and rebuilding the lost confidence and trust.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is designed you help individuals and couples cope with sexual dysfunction, deepen your connection with your partner, enhance all forms of intimacy, and rekindle the passion in your relationship.


Sexual Dysfunctions

If you have been diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction and are not ready to try medications, speak with one of our therapists about how you can learn techniques to try at home or with your partner. Sexual dysfunctions can be caused by a variety of factors, including your overall physical health, stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Our therapist can help you find the best approach to treating your sexual dysfunction and getting your sexual life back on track, the way you want it.


Sexual dysfunctions can include: difficulty achieving erection, difficulty reaching orgasm, low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and lack of arousal. Many of these dysfunctions can affect both men and women. 



Intimacy comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is not purely sexual in nature. If you are interested in deepening your connection with your partner or significant other, individuals and couples are welcome to work with our therapists to improve emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. Rekindle the passion in your relationship and the bedroom!

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