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Fees and Payment


Our fees are determined based upon the licensure status of the therapist as well as the income level of the client or client’s parent(s). For sessions with a licensed therapist, the cost is $125.00 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes).


The fee for sessions with a Registered Intern is $80.00 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes).   Registered Interns work under the direct supervision of Erin C. Falvey, MFT. Additionally, there are a few sliding scale fee appointments available which are based upon the income of the client or the client’s parent(s). The Program Supervisor will discuss this fee structure with you and work with you to determine a fee that meets your needs via phone or email prior to your initial consultation with your therapist.


Session fees are applied per session and must be paid for at the time of service. Fees also accumulate if sessions are not properly canceled. We require a 24-hour notice for cancellations.


Payment Information

We offer several choices for payment of services. We accept cash and checks in the office at the time of the appointment. Or, for your convenience you can pre-pay your balance by credit card using paypal.

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