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Namrata (Nam) Rindani-Mcmahill, M.A.

Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern, IMF 68753


Dear Reader,
"Can she help me?” is likely a question that you may be asking, as you begin to read this.
I empathize that talking to a stranger about your deepest wounds and life can be daunting and it is my hope to de-mystify and help you understand what our work together will involve, through this letter:

Whether you are seeking therapy to ease your current discomfort as an individual, a couple or a family, my approach involves  collaborating with you to explore the concerns that brought you to therapy. Once we identify the life stories that brought you in, our conversations will honor   these life experiences in two ways: we will work together in identifying some solutions to bring comfort to your day to day living experience, as well as engage in more in-depth exploration of what lies beneath the challenges that you may be experiencing.  While the solutions will shine light on the strength that is already within you, the in-depth exploration can help in preventing the same suffering from showing up in your life again.  

I have found that as we go through life, our experiences create certain ideas, beliefs or messages about “who I am” or “how to be in relationships” that we may be not aware of. We begin to develop these as early as childhood and carry them on to our adult life. Some of  these ideas and messages created in the past cause discomfort in our present lives in the form of   Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, difficulties in intimate relationships, conflict with family members (who have their own ideas and messages!) etc.  Much like old clothes that don’t fit these past beliefs lead to challenges in our present as they don’t work for us anymore! Our conversations will provide the space to explore these hidden messages and beliefs that maybe preventing you from engaging in a peaceful and loving relationship with yourself and others and also create new ones that are of your choosing. Like the adage, “When you know better, you do better”, this process of exploration and creation, can play a key role in helping you create a life and relationships that you desire!

I am committed to supporting you by engaging in conversations with compassion and openness to your experiences as well as borrowing from  professional training that I have gleaned  through certifications, trainings and work  experience spanning 10 years in this field.  If you would like to have a conversation to see if this is a journey you would like to engage in together, please call me for a free 20 minute consultation using the contact information at the top of this page.

If you are curious about my background:
I was born and raised in India and moved to San Diego many years ago to pursue my graduate education. My experience of moving to a new country and building a home in a new culture has deepened my understanding and appreciation for the differences in people that make us unique as well as the challenges of “not knowing” what to do our how to be in certain life experiences ! In my free time I enjoy meeting new people, learning about different cultures as well as reading, writing, painting, exercising/yoga, meditation and spending time with my family and friends.

I have a graduate degree in Child Counseling and another Master’s Degree in Couples and Family Therapy. My past work experience spans across two continents, working with children and parents as a school therapist, training in bereavement and grief from my time in a Hospice setting, working with people who like you, were interested in change and growth through employment in various non-profit agencies in San Diego as well as working with couples and families to untangle conflict and move towards experiencing relationships that they desired.  Inspired by my formal training and professional experience in this field as well as my own journey of being human, I commit to  collaboratively working with you to find creative and effective means to help you uncover the life you choose, desire and enjoy.

In support,

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