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Hello and Welcome to narrative. contemporary therapy

We are pleased to offer quality services to individuals, couples, and families in San Diego and throughout California. As a group, we specialize in a variety of clinical and relational issues. We have chosen to build a practice together because we share similar commitments which shape each of our approaches to therapeutic practice. It is our goal to facilitate a therapeutic context which is:


…of each person who consults us.


Creating new and more preferred options for living.


…that people have the ability to create changes which lead to preferred outcomes in their lives.


…of individual and relational identities which are honoring of the values we privilege in our lives.


Locating problems within their contexts rather than within the individual.


…of dominant or status quo notions which support oppressive understandings of our lives and relationships.


…of the impact that change can create in our lives, relationships, and communities.


..in its dynamic between therapist and client(s).

Goal Oriented

…and paced in ways which are congruent with the changes we are working to create.

Culturally Competent

…and honoring of the diversity that constitutes our community.


…of current support systems and the development of expanded support systems.

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