brainspottingBrainspotting is a cutting-edge mind, body, and relational based psychotherapy that aims to help clients access, process and overcome difficult, overwhelming or traumatic experiences.  It is also effective at addressing grief, anxiety and distressing emotions.  Brainspotting can actively improve one’s ability to regulate their emotions and thoughtfully respond to stressors rather than react to them.

Brainspotting utilizes eye position, focused mindfulness and the therapeutic relationship to help the client to quickly and efficiently get to issues and resolve them. During a brainspotting session, a client is guided in locating relevant eye position(s) or brainspots which are linked to sources of distress.

The brainspot is accessed by holding the eye position while you continue to focus on the specific situation. You will be asked to observe the emotional, physical, and visual experiences that you are having as well as the memories that are elicited through the process. This stimulates a deep healing process in the brain and central nervous system by stimulating and activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself from trauma.  This may result in periods of discomfort that are often reported as “wave-like” and which decrease as the processing occurs. Riding the wave of the discomfort allows the brain and body to do this work—lowering perceived levels of activation significantly by the end of a session.

Erin has extensive training in Brainspotting and is a Certified Brainspotting Therapist. Brainspotting can be used as a primary mode of therapy or can also compliment and be used in conjunction with talk therapy with Erin. For individuals who feel like they have plateaued in their healing or those who are struggling to experience the progress they seek via talk therapy, Brainspotting offers new possibilities for breakthrough, healing and improved mental health.

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